• Germany enlarged in Europe's borders

    Use our German return address to expand your e-commerce business to Europe's largest economy

" We save 80% on our Amazon.de returns expenses by using CleverDispatch. The easy-to-use return address rapidly increased our sales in Germany. "

Bundle returns in Germany

Save costs on each international return

Increase your sales

Attract new customers

Satisfy your customers

Easy to use for all your customers

Protect your business

Comply to Amazon return policies




Customer holding a return package for a return address in Germany

Your customers send their return packages to the address of CleverDispatch in Germany.



Collected and bundled returns wait to be shipped to you.

CleverDispatch consolidates all returns and bundles them before sending them to you.



CleverDispatch saves transportation costs on each return and makes your customers happy.

You receive your returns and can refund your customers.



CleverDispatch provides an address in Germany for your customer returns.
Because returns are common for German mail-order customers it is cheaper and easier for them to send their returns within Germany.

CleverDispatch collects and bundles your returns before sending them back to you.
Bundled returns take up less space and weight, this saves you transportation costs on each return. By choosing one of our service plans you choose the time period after bundled returns are send from our central office in Berlin back to you.

CleverDispatch cares about your customers.
To enable a fast and easy return process, customer support via e-mail and phone is provided on service level Professional.

For detailed sample calculations, please download our PDF brochure.